Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mourinho, Ronaldo, join Barca Conspiracy Bandwagon

So, Jose Mourinho's caused a bit of controversy (surprise!). After his Real side lost to Barca in the Champions' League semi-final, the Portuguese manager vented his frustration in the post-match interview. But, he did bring up a good point, saying "Congratulations to Barcelona. But I just do not understand why Barcelona always receive the help of the referee ... I am not too sad, I have a great family. But I don't understand why Barcelona have this power. It happened two years ago to Chelsea (2009 semis), almost to my Inter last year, and also to Arsenal this year." I fully agree. I'm not saying that the refs are biased towards the Catalans, but c'mon, 3 teams that could have potentially knocked "The Best Team in the World" out, and they all get a man sent off in the second leg? 

Added to that, every single time this has happened, one of the opposing players or managers have complained. They definitely had the right to do so, but that's not what UEFA thinks. Didier Drogba was fined for venting his frustration at the referee after their controversial loss to Barca. They got a man sent off and two clear penalties denied! He didn't have the right to do so? And after Arsenal's loss, Samir Nasri and Arsene Wenger both got one match bans for complaining to the referee. Plain stupid. How come whenever every single Barca player swarms the ref after a tackle, none of them get yellows? How come 2 Barcelona players didn't get sent off for grabbing the necks of Nasri and Van Persie right in front of the official? Bah. Maybe I'm just complaining. I am actually, but if Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo agree, it can't be that ridiculous, can it?

Oh, and they should stop diving. Especially Dani Alves. He got stretchered off, and then got off and was perfectly fine. What a p*ssy.

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