Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barca's Tiki-Taka is Boring

People call Barcelona's play beautiful. I find it... Meh. While they do create the occasional wonderful play that leads to a great goal, the rest of the time is a snooze-fest. When they're just trying to maintain possession, their defenders or midfielders just exchange four or five passes between each other. And simple passes, not some creative, over the top through balls. 

People act like they're the only team who is able to create a beautiful play. I can recall a play that Blackpool of all teams made (Can't remember against who), that if Barcelona had done, people would be talking about it for ages. If they played in the English Premier League, I can guarantee that they wouldn't be as successful. They would get battered and bruised against a team like Stoke, who definitely wouldn't be happy with Eric Abidal and Gerard Pique "tiki-taka'ing" between eachother. And Ryan Shawcross would murder Lionel Messi. Literally. Murder. 

Yeah, this is a bit untimely, but I was watching Barcelona v. Internacional (The Brazilian one), and I fell asleep. It wasn't exciting. Or mesmerizing. Or beautiful.

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  1. And I'm sure barça would bruise and batter Stoke about 5-0 regardless.