Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manchester Clubs are Milan Wannabes

No, not football wise. Who would want to be those two? AC Milan got knocked out by Tottenham in the Champions' League and Inter by Schalke. So no. Not football wise. But, it seems like the representatives of the clubs said to their kitmakers, Umbro for City and Nike for United, "See the Milan clubs? Change it up a little and make it our away kit." Don't believe me? Here's Man City's away kit for this year:

Eerily similar to the typical AC Milan kits of recent years. Granted, this year the stripes are more numerous on the Milan shirt, but still recognizable and similar. And City couldn't get a better player to advertise their kit than Edin Dzeko?

United's new away kit, I will admit, is pretty classy. Just a simple blue with black hoops. But again, very similar to the other Milan club, Inter. They basically just rotated the stripes 90 degrees. In this case though both are made by Nike so it's kind of excusable (not really).

And Inter's new kit. What do you think?

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