Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arsenal Knocked Out of Champions' League by Barcelona

I really don't feel like writing because of the anger, so I'll just sum it up. Barca dominated, Messi scored in stoppage time in the first half, with an assist from Cesc Fabregas (That's right. Fabregas). Then, Busquets scored an own goal in the 53rd to put Arsenal equal. Minutes later, Robin Van Persie got a yellow for shooting 1 SECOND after the offside whistle was blown. It was his 2nd yellow, and he got sent off. From then on, the Gunners were no where to be found, and Messi scored a penalty in the 71st to finish the game off. Oh, and Szczesny got injured. 

And somehow Abidal got away with this. No card, no anything. Call me biased, which I slightly am, but the referee was just absolutely ridiculous.

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