Monday, March 28, 2011

Mourinho Wants Back In The Premier League

One of the most controversial managers currently in-office, Jose "The Special One" Mourinho has confirmed that he wants to come back to the Premier League after his contract with Real Madrid ends, saying ""I miss England and my next job will be in England." In my opinion, this is a great thing. The fact that one of the best managers in the world would love to come back to the Premier League shows just how great it really is. Despite being one of the best clubs in the world Real Madrid is described by the Special One as "...the most difficult club in the world." Where would he go in England? Obviously one of the big five clubs: Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea, Man City, or Tottenham, but which one? The Arsenal fans have been jeering for Wenger to resign, Carlo Ancelloti's been in many firing rumors, Sir Ferguson's going to retire soon, and Mancini's not doing an up-to-par job. So, it remains to be seen. He could go to any one of them. I honestly think that it will be Man City, as they are in a similar situation to that of Chelsea when Mourinho was hired.

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