Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Racism Towards Brazilian Starlet Neymar

During Brazil's recent friendly against Scotland at the Emirates Stadium, there was reportedly racism towards the young Brazilian star Neymar. The 20 year old, who scored both goals for the Samba, reportedly had a banana thrown at him when about to take a penalty. This claim was backed up by Lucas Leiva, who picked up and cleared the object, obviously in shame.

This was a bit strange, because a neutral German fan at the stadium actually threw it. Despite not being responsible for it, the spokesman for the Scottish football fans, Tam Ferry, has apologized on behalf of the Tartan Army (Scottish Fans). She also thanked the German fan for admitting to his behavior, knowing that the reputation of the Tartan Army wasn't tarnished.

These types of actions have to stop. In such a huge and diverse footballing country, this behavior should be stamped out. While it doesn't really happen that much in the Premier League, it happens in many Eastern European countries and even more developed nations like Spain. I hope that these things will stop, especially in Poland and Ukraine, the two host nations of the 2012 European Championship. If these acts of sheer stupidity don't stop before that time, those two countries could lose their privileges to host major sporting events.

As a Polish-American, I'd hate for this to happen to the members of my home nation. I know that there are people who are tolerant and accept others, but the hooligans are ruining it for them. The rioting in Lithuania and destroying of the stands doesn't really help, does it?

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